Golf, like any other sport out there, can be fun and exciting, but there are rules to be followed even when it comes to the dress code. Beginners trying out this sport at a local golf course might get away with wearing sneakers, jeans and branded shirts about beer or cartoons, but pro golfers have to adhere to certain rules.

To start with, players have to look presentable and that often means that personal grooming has to be done constantly. A short trimmed and stylish beard or smooth face with no facial hair is accepted. The hair has to be well trimmed and tucked away behind the ears to avoid it flying across a player’s face. The hair has to be a natural color, but if it is dyed into another color, that color has to look close to natural and also presentable. No long or scruffy beards will be allowed and funky hair with eccentric colors will certainly not be tolerated either.

Furthermore, when it comes to shirts, no plunging necklines and no turtle necks are allowed. The collar has to be a mock or regular collar for it to be accepted. The shirts can have small logos of the sponsor but large brands covering the whole shirt are a definite no. Tank tops are also not permitted on the course or anywhere where there is a golf event because golfers must be presentable, respect the sport and follow the guidelines. The material for the shirts must be polyester, cotton or any breathable microfibers.

When it comes to the pants, certain guidelines must be followed as well. As much as sweat pants are comfortable, they are not in line with golf regulations and therefore are not allowed. The pants are usually made of cotton or polyester and have to either cover the knees or be long. Gym tights can be worn but only underneath the proper pants and are not supposed to be visible. Jeans are frowned upon because they make the players look casual and yet they are supposed to be presentable and professional.

Golf shoes are also very specific and not just any shoes are allowed on a golf course. Sneakers and running shoes are not permitted on the course as they do not give the player the required presentability and professionalism. There are three types of accepted golf shoes and these are as follows: steel spike, soft spike and spike less. Most old-fashioned golf shoes have steel spikes for better grip on the ground. Nowadays, soft spikes are favored instead of the steel or hard spikes. This is because the players have more comfort when swinging and also the soft spikes do not damage the course as much as the steel ones. Spike less shoes are used by those players that feel discomfort when wearing ones with spikes.