Golfing tournaments are a source of all-round fun, as they provide activities for the whole family. People of all age groups can go to a golfing tournament and be thoroughly entertained. Not only does the fun come from the course, but also off the course. On the course, the thrill of seeing your favorite player swinging their clubs and doing well can be exciting. This fun can take up the whole day.

In between rounds at a golf course, there are lots of activities that can be as equally exciting as the tournament itself. The activities are plenty and cater for people with different tastes. The main activities that attract people anywhere and not just on golf tournaments, are eating and drinking. This powerful combination creates friendships, builds strong bonds and even paves the way for lots of future business dealings.

The famous adage that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true in this instance. It will not be a successful event without food being offered. People can often take time off from seeing their favorite golfer doing well or managing their disappointment if their favorite is not performing well. Some tournaments have fun food stalls that offer a wide range of produce. One of the best things to do in between these rounds is enjoy a braai or barbeque. This fun activity is great because not only does it provide nice and tasty treats, but also offers braai enthusiasts an opportunity to learn new recipes to show off at the next gathering. This activity caters for all people, young, old, meat lovers and vegetarians too.

Those that are not big meat lovers can also enjoy other tasty treats. Since there are always different ethnic groups, there is always a variety of cuisines prepared by professionals, as well as semi-professionals, and people who are interested in trying out new things will be satisfied.

In the drinks department, people with different tastes will also be catered for. If the golf tournament is for children, there will most likely be some nice sweet lemonade to cool people down after a long day or some hot chocolate or coffee to warm them up if the conditions are not as pleasant as they should be. Fizzy drinks will also be on sale for those people who cannot skip a day without getting their fix.

The older, more outgoing age groups will have equal opportunity to refresh and unwind by trying out a wide range of craft beers, gin or wine. The golf club will definitely be the right place for this as it has a wide range of drinks for people to choose from. This place also provides the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle with different people.