Golf is a very interesting and fun game both for professionals and even beginners. It is a great way to network or just enjoy a breather after a tough day at work. This sport, just like any other sport in the world, has a certain attire that people wear. This is to create uniformity and to show a sense of professionalism to respect the sport.

Golfing attire is very smart, casual at times and has a slight sense of 80s culture due to some of the attire, which comprises of old themed cardigans and those famous white and brown leather golf shoes.

Since golf is played outdoors, the players must protect themselves against the sun. Back in the day, golfers used to wear berets both as a fashion statement as well as for protection against the unforgiving sun. These berets appeared to add some maturity to a player and commanded respect. Straw hats with wide brims were also used back then and are still used even now due to the timeless and classy look they give. New generation golfers now tend to wear caps when playing their favorite sport. This is probably due to the fact that there are a lot more companies that make golfing apparel and also the number of sponsors has grown considerably. The caps usually have the players favorite logo branded on the front or the sponsors logo printed on it. For people with long hair or those that want to have a bit of wind in their hair, golf visor caps are the best accessory.

One of the most distinctive features of golfing attire is the shirts. They are so famous that most people end up wearing them casually when they want to look smart and presentable. Golf shirts usually have a nice strong round collar with matching material throughout the whole shirt, which is generally cotton but can sometimes comprise of some microfibers or polyester. There are many variations of golf shirts, most of them have one vibrant color throughout, such as black, pink or blue. Some on the other hand, are checked or striped and therefore have a blend of colors, which can range from brown to green and pink. When playing this sport, the weather is not always sunny and pleasant and so the players have to dress accordingly. The golf shirts can therefore be either long sleeved or short sleeved to allow the players to be comfortable in various weather conditions.

Another important piece of golfing attire is the shoes. These are important because they can affect the way a player performs. The spikes and heels play a huge part in offering grip as well as support for walking around the course.